Best European Hostels for a Memorable Adventure

Travelers seeking a memorable adventure in Europe may be surprised to learn that the continent is home to over 10,000 hostels, providing a wide array of accommodation options for budget-conscious explorers.

From the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, European hostels offer an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and connect with like-minded travelers.

But what sets these hostels apart, and how can one ensure an unforgettable experience? This guide will unveil the top European hostels that promise a blend of affordability, comfort, and social experiences, ensuring that every traveler can make the most of their European adventure.

Barcelona, Spain Hostels

Barcelona, Spain offers an array of vibrant and social hostels for budget-conscious travelers seeking a memorable and engaging stay.

St. Christophers, located in the heart of the city, boasts a huge bar and outdoor common area, making it easy for guests to meet new people. The hostel provides privacy curtains for a decent sleep and offers beds starting from 21 EUR.

Kabul, another popular option, stands out with its free nightly dinners and daily activities, along with a rooftop terrace offering stunning city views. Beds at Kabul start from 15 EUR.

For those looking for panoramic views, Equity Point is an excellent choice, featuring a rooftop terrace, an on-site bar and restaurant, and organizing city tours and bike rentals. Beds at Equity Point start from 18 EUR, making it a great option for travelers seeking both social experiences and budget-friendly accommodation.

Portugal Hostels

Portugal offers a diverse selection of vibrant and social hostels, catering to budget-conscious travelers looking for an engaging and memorable stay.

In Lisbon, the Goodnight Hostel organizes lots of activities, such as pub crawls and walking tours, and offers a free breakfast, creating an intimate atmosphere for meeting people. Prices for beds start from 31 EUR, with private rooms from 90 EUR.

In Porto, the Gallery Hostel provides delicious communal meals and free drinks, making it a great place to socialize. Beds are available from 46 EUR.

Both hostels offer an ideal opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture, make new friends, and create lasting memories.

Whether exploring the historic streets of Lisbon or admiring the beautiful architecture of Porto, these hostels ensure an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Hostels

Amsterdam, Netherlands boasts a selection of vibrant and social hostels, providing an engaging and memorable stay for budget-conscious travelers.

Travelers seeking a lively and communal atmosphere can consider staying at The Flying Pig hostel, known for its super fun and social environment, as well as its on-site bar. With beds starting from 38 EUR and private rooms from 220 EUR, this hostel offers an affordable option for those looking to meet new people and make lasting memories.

The city's hostels often organize activities and events, making it easy for guests to explore the city and connect with fellow travelers. Whether it's a solo adventure or a group expedition, Amsterdam's hostels cater to a diverse range of travelers looking for an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Stockholm, Sweden Hostels

Stockholm, Sweden offers an array of engaging and communal hostels that cater to budget-conscious travelers seeking a vibrant and memorable stay, much like the hostels in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The City Backpackers hostel is a top choice, organizing tons of events and providing lots of free perks such as coffee/tea, pasta, and even a sauna. Additionally, its social outdoor patio offers a relaxing space for meeting new people. With beds starting from 27 EUR and private rooms from 68 EUR, this hostel provides an affordable yet enriching experience for travelers.

The Generator Hostel is another excellent option, boasting modern and stylish design, on-site bar and restaurant, and a variety of social events and activities. Beds are available from 30 EUR, while private rooms start from 110 EUR.

Recommendations and Travel Tips

For the best travel experience, it's essential to research and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. When staying at European hostels, it's recommended to book directly through hostel websites or reputable booking platforms like Hostelworld and These platforms offer a hassle-free booking process and often provide the best deals for budget travelers.

Additionally, travelers should consider purchasing travel insurance from trusted companies such as Safety Wing, Insure My Trip, or Medjet to protect against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations.

To save money while traveling, visitors can explore various companies offering discounts and special offers. Utilizing resources like Skyscanner for flights and referring to destination guides can also enhance the overall travel experience.

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