Time In Estonia: Current Local Time And Time Zone Information

Current Local Time Estonia

Estonia operates on Eastern European Time. At present, the local time in Estonia reflects this standard with a UTC/GMT offset of +2 hours. As Estonia moves to Eastern European Summer Time during summer months, an adjustment is made to better utilize daylight.

This switch typically happens in late March and goes back to normal in October, aligning with many countries worldwide that observe Daylight Saving Time.

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, follows the same timing as the rest of the country. The current time in Tallinn corresponds with Eastern European Time (EET). For travelers or anyone having business or personal connections there, knowing Tallinn’s local time can come in handy for planning communication across different time zones.

Time Zone in Estonia

Estonia follows the Eastern European Time (EET) zone, making it UTC/GMT +2 hours. The whole country abides by this single nationwide time zone, ensuring synchronicity across its landscapes.

Once Daylight Saving Time steps in on March 26, 2023, a change sweeps over Estonia; clocks move an hour forward to accommodate longer daylight hours.

This adjustment signifies the start of the Eastern European Summer Time (EEST). For those keeping track of the UTC during DST in Estonia, it shifts to UTC+3. Then comes October 29, 2023 – another pivotal day for timekeepers in Estonia as Daylight Saving Time wraps up its run and the clocks revert back one hour.

Time difference to major cities in the world

As of now, let’s look at how the local time in Tallinn, Estonia compares to that in some of the major cities across the globe.

Abidjan, Ivory CoastTallinn is 2 hours aheadAccra, GhanaTallinn is 2 hours aheadAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesTallinn is 8 hours behindAbuja, NigeriaTallinn is 1 hour aheadAcapulco, MexicoTallinn is 8 hours aheadMountain Standard Time, USATallinn is 7 hours aheadCentral Standard Time, USATallinn is 6 hours ahead

Time in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, operates on Eastern European Time (EET), which is two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT). Every year, as daylight saving approaches in March, people set their clocks one hour forward.

This change aligns Tallinn with Eastern European Summer Time (EEST), three hours ahead of UTC/GMT. As autumn sets in October, clocks are wound back an hour reverting to EET.

With a time difference from Tallinn to Central Standard Time and Mountain Standard Time zones in mind, it ensures smooth coordination between different global regions. In addition to that during standard time period every year around 4 am local time, there is a minor adjustment where the clock reverts from 04:00 AM back to 03:00 AM synchronizing Tallinn’s timing with the rest of Estonia operating under UTC +2/Eastern European Time system.

Daylight Saving Time in Estonia

Estonia has been observing daylight saving time since 1981. During this period, the clocks in Estonia are adjusted forward by one hour. This change allows for longer periods of daylight during the summer months.

In 2023, daylight saving time in Estonia ended on October 29 at 3:00 am local standard time. Overall, Estonia has observed daylight saving time for a total of 46 years between 1918 and 2023, with some exceptions in certain years.

Currently, the time zone in Estonia during daylight saving time is UTC+03:00.

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